This ancient therapy maps the entire body on the feet. The practitioner uses specialised techniques and stimulates pressure points called reflexes to free blockages, cleanse the body of toxins, and restore balance.


Each foot has approximately 7,000 nerve endings which link back into the parasympathetic nervous system, slowing all major systems of the body, resulting in a euphoric and blissful experience. Reflexology has been recorded as far back as 2330 BC and today is being used in hospitals around the world.


Some people can feel nervous about the treatment being a little ticklish, but I usually find that my clients get so relaxed that they drift off into a lovely, dreamy state and all anxiety melts away.

Also available:  Antenatal reflexology, reflexology for cancer care, reflexology for fertility, reflexology for pain management

1 hour: €60 | 90 mins: €90

Holistic Massage


Stemming from the Greek word Holos meaning whole, this treatment works on the physical, mental and emotional levels to help release tension, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.


Based on Swedish massage methods, the therapist uses several techniques to manipulate the muscles into softening and lengthening whilst soothing the mind and nourishing the heart. Indulge in a full body massage or personalise the treatment by selecting the areas that you want to concentrate on.


Decide on the pressure you prefer and add a few drops of aromatherapy oil if you desire, the path to pure pleasure is before you.

Also available:  Chair Massage

1 hour: €60 | 90 mins: €90

Indian Head Massage


This traditional and beautiful massage focuses on the upper back, neck, shoulders, face, head, and arms.


Using specialized techniques and stimulating pressure points known as marma points it can lessen tension, encourage a tranquil state of mind, and leave you feeling so uplifted that you’ll be floating on cloud nine for the rest of the day.


Indian Head massage can also help to release blockages in the top four chakras; the crown, third eye, throat, and heart, which will naturally have a positive effect on the lower three chakras; the solar plexus, sacrum and base. 

1 hour: €60 | 90 mins: €90

Aromatherapy Massage


Making the perfect blend is an artform, listening to the clients needs and preferences I can create a magical potion that is beneficial physically, mentally, and emotionally as well as being a personalised and beautiful aroma.  


Did you know that smell is the sense that is most linked to memory?  A balanced scent can transport us back to a time and place where we can give ourselves permission to simply let go and allow our bodies and mind to be still.

1 hour: €60 | 90 mins: €90

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Massage

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Massage.jpg

TMJ can be an extremely painful condition affecting the jaw. Some of the symptoms may include; pain and aching in the jaw and/or teeth, restricted movement, clicking, grinding, headaches, dizziness, pain and/or pressure behind the eyes, neck pain and it can affect hearing.


I aim to release tension in all the muscles that connect into the jaw area and then introduce intra-oral massage, triggering the mouth inside and out. This is a very effective treatment that our clients find very relaxing

1 hour: €60 | 90 mins: €90


Indian Head Massage


Are you a massage therapist looking to expand your repertoire? Are you interested in a career within the holistic field and looking for somewhere to start your journey? Are you looking to learn a new and exciting skill that you can share with your family and friends?  


Indian head massage is a traditional and beautiful therapy that focuses on the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms, face, scalp and hair. 

Basic Bookkeeping


Are you self-employed?  Do you struggle with your business and/or personal finances?  


Being your own boss is very appealing, but it also requires you to be a 'jack of all trades'; not only do you have to provide an amazing service, but you have manage everything else to keep your business going and it’s not easy! If finances are not your strong point, no biggie, I am here to help.